2019 CIRMS Meeting
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27th Annual CIRMS Meeting
“Strengthening the Economy and Homeland Security with Radiation Measurements and Standards”

April 8-10, 2019
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD
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Presentation Library

Monday Morning- Junior Investigator Symposium
"Design of a medium-energy free-air ionization chamber"
Emily King, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Scintillator-based optical imaging for use in remote surface dosimetry"
Irwin Tendler, Dartmouth College

"Quantifying differences between theoretical models in calculations of Compton mass energy-transfer coefficients"
Xiaoya (Judy) Wang, McGill University, Canada

"Determination of Wair in high-energy clinical electron beams using aluminium detectors"
Alexandra Bourgouin, Carleton University, Canada

Monday Afternoon- Medical Applications
Session: Measurement Needs for Validating Dosimetry Methods for Epidemiological Studies of Health Risks Following Radiotherapy

Calibrating CT scanners for patient dose calculations in proton beam radiotherapy"
Jeremy Polf, University of Maryland School of Medicine

"Out-of-field dose reconstruction for studies of health risks following photon radiotherapy when dicom-rt files are available"
Matthew Mille, National Cancer Institute/NIH

"Out-of-field dose reconstruction for studies of health risks following photon radiotherapy when dicom-rt files are not available"
David Borrego, National Cancer Institute/NIH

"Overview of the National Cancer Institute's Radiation Epidemiology Branch and key challenges faced when reconstructing patient dose for epidemiological applications"
Choonsik Lee, National Cancer Institute/NIH

"Out-of-field dose reconstruction for proton therapy and measurement of secondary neutron dose"
Yeon Soo Yeom, National Cancer Institute/NIH

Tuesday Morning- Plenary Session
"Recoil-based short-lived alpha emitting devices: A novel brachytherapy concept"
Antonio Damato, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Tuesday Afternoon- Medical Applications
Session: Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Radiation dosimetry as a biomarker"
Robert Hobbs, Johns Hopkins University

"Radiation dose: External beam radiation therapy conventions and the evolving field of radiopharmaceutical therapy"
Sara St. James, University of California San Francisco

"Patient specific dosimetry: To what extent can it be simplified to move from research to the clinic"
Yuni Dewaraja, University of Michigan

"Implications of heterogenous dose distributions for radiopharmaceutical therapy revisted"
Bryan Bednarz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tuesday Afternoon- Industrial Applications & Material Effects
Session: Cesium-137 Irradiators

Impact from the potential shortage of Cs-137 supply"
Spencer Mickum, Hopewell Designs Inc.

"Successful migration from radioactive irradiators to X-ray irradiators in one of the largest medical centers in the USA"
Jacob Kamen, Mount Sinai Hospital

"Development and certification of type B containers for self-shielded irradiators"
Lance Garrison, National Nuclear Security Administration

Wednesday Morning- Plenary Session
Panel: Radiobiology and Blood Irradiators: Transitioning from Cs-137 to X-rays
Session Abstract

  "Challenges of both gamma and x-ray blood irradiators"
  Dan Aitkenhead, Best Theratronics Ltd.

  "Considerations for replacing isotope-based irradiators with x-irradiators at the UW-Madison"
  Keith A. Kunugi, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  "Gamma-irradiators, x-irradiators, and radiobiology"
  Kei Iwamoto, University of California at Los Angeles

"Radiation protection in the 21st century--a look at the turning points in the practice of radiation protection to envision the future"
Jeffrey Chapman, US Department of Energy