Council on Ionizing Radiation
Measurements & Standards

"Bringing together stakeholders to develop measurement capabilities
and standards for enhancing the use of ionizing radiation for societal benefit"

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The Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards (CIRMS) is an independent, non-profit council that draws together stakeholders from industry, academia, and government involved in all ionizing radiation disciplines to provide leadership, focus, and action on important developments and needs.

The CIRMS Science and Technology Committee periodically publishes a Needs Report which outlines the current needs in the ionizing radiation community with respect to radiation measurements and standards. In an era of constrained government resources, the Needs Report represents areas warranting program attention as determined by a consensus of experts. 

CIRMS 2024 Meeting

31st Annual CIRMS
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Radiation Subcommittees

Medical Applications

Covers radiobiology and all diagnostic and therapeutic uses of ionizing radiation including nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, proton therapy, x-ray computed tomography, interventional radiology and more
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Radiation Protection & Homeland Security
Covers calibration and proficiency testing to monitor dose in occupational settings, environmental radiation measurements, and emergency response to radiological incidents, and more
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Radiation Processing & Material Effects
Covers a diverse area of topics such as food irradiation, medical device sterilization, radiation hardness testing, material effects, space applications, safety at radiation facilities, and more
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