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27th Annual CIRMS Meeting 2019
April 8-10, 2019
NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

Strengthening the Economy and Homeland Security with Radiation Measurements and Standards

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CIRMS Needs Report CIRMS Needs Report
  • Homeland Security
    Our Objective
    Identification of research and standards needs in the homeland security community.
  • Medical Applications
    Our Objective
    Identification of research and standards needs in the medical community.
  • Environmental Protection
    Our Objective
    Identification of research and standards need in occupational, public, and environmental radiation protection community.
  • Industrial Applications
    Our Objective
    Identification of research and standards needs in the radiation effects community.

  • Science & Technology
    Our Objective
    Dissemination of information related to identified national priorities, needs for standards and research, and other information related to ionizing radiation measurements and standards.


CIRMS is a not-for-profit organization made up of individuals, organizations and corporations from national and international government, academic and private industry sectors having an interest in identifying strategic needs and directions for ionizing radiation measurements and standards.

CIRMS membership is composed of leaders and experts from the areas of medical radiation, occupational and environmental radiation protection, homeland security and materials effects/industrial processes based on radiation who have an interest in and wish to influence the direction of measurement programs, technologies and standards.

Toward these ends, we gather, evaluate and disseminate information about measurement needs facing the four application disciplines with the aim to facilitate funding and the ultimate satisfaction of those needs.

Each of these endeavors is enhanced by the publication of the Needs Report.



The 2018 Dynamic Needs Report is now available online here.

The last one was published in 2011 as the "Fifth Report on Needs in Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards".


New 2018/2019 President

CIRMS is pleased to announce our new president:

Dr. Regina Fulkerson

Dr. Regina Fulkerson takes over the helm from the outgoing president Dr. Zhichao Lin.