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"VR poker is probably one of the most realistic games, because it really does capture the sadness of being in a casino at three in the morning, where it's you and five other people from around the globe gambling with fake money."

Sonic CD is likely the game that the fewest people have played since you needed the expensive Sega CD Genesis add-on to do so back in 1993. I'd never completed it before because the level design always felt like a step down from the Genesis games and I struggled to wrap my head around the time travel mechanic. (I just wanted to go fast!)

When you take a larger look at the PlayStation library, there is a wide slate of shooters, open-world games and family-friendly platformers. But there's one PlayStation exclusive from 2019 that sits comfortably in the catalog as one of the strangest yet eerily prescient action games to grace the PS4, and that's Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding.

'I feel more alive and present than ever': Demi Moore says... James Packer looks slimmer than he's been in years as he... 'I want to feel sexy!': Demi Moore says she refuses to... Mariah Carey puts on a busty display as she takes a dip in...

4 Stewart-Haas Racing Ford has an excellent record at Michigan. Harvick is a five-time winner at the track, and four of those victories have come after a repaving in 2012. Before last year's race, when he finished 14th, Harvick had won three straight races (and four of five) at the 2-mile speedway.

You can listen to my interview with Wood in the podcast player at the top of this article. Subscribe to I'm So Obsessed on your favorite podcast app. In each episode, Connie Guglielmo or I catch up with an artist, actor or creator to learn about work, career and current obsessions.

Despite his recent run of success, Reddick has been backed by only 3.7 percent of the bets and 5.1 percent of the handle. He's making his fourth career Cup Series start at Michigan International Speedway.

The Director's Cut also adds in some quirky side-activities as well. Fragile Circuit, which allows players to race on a selection of constructed tracks to compete for the best times, is a fun inclusion. Special VR missions have been added, letting you use your arsenal of weapons simulated combat courses for the best times. Both of these activities are fun to jump into when you want a break from the game's flow and just cut loose, and they're a welcome addition to the overall game.

It's also harder than I remember -- the chase sequence Labyrinth Zone Act 3 took me far too many attempts to get through (infinite lives, phew). Hearing Starlight Zone's absolute belter of a theme made it all worthwhile though.

There's plenty of additional replay value in this collection too. Once you complete each game, you can access a mirror mode that lets you go through each level from right to left (which feels a bit wrong initially), a boss rush mode that lets you challenge all the big baddies in succession, and smaller missions that task you with beating a certain number of enemies or getting through a challenging obstacle course. 

For the purists, Classic Mode lets you play with retro visuals, a 4:3 aspect ratio (with bars on the sides of the screen) and limited lives. I'm glad it's possible to recreate the old style of play, but it hardly feels like the ideal way to experience these games in 2022.

The final boss (a design the second movie mirrored closely earlier this year) is much easier than I realized as a kid, but it still took me a whole bunch of attempts and several increasingly irate rants to my partner about invincibility frames before I beat him. I loved every second of replaying this incredible game.

However, it's beautifully presented, with plenty of twists and modern additions to spice up these old games and offer new ways to experience them. I spent most of my time playing in the Anniversary Mode, which gives you slightly enhanced visuals, full screen display and infinite lives, because it's new for this collection and I have no patience for game-over screens any more. I saw enough of those as a kid, thanks.

Despite the high price, the Genesis Sonic games are some of the best platformers ever made, and Sonic Origins presents them in the most visually stunning compilation yet. If you're looking to revisit classic 2D Sonic games or want to introduce them to a new generation of players who've discovered Sonic through the recent movies, this collection is the slickest, most accessible way to experience them. And it still puts me in a better mood whenever I load it up.

"In a sense it's, 'Here are some ideas that I have for everyone, but I'm probably not the right person to be saying all of them,'" he said. "I will acknowledge that I'm probably not the right person, and I've also done some dumb shit."

So far, I've played Death Stranding to completion three times -- once on PS4, then again on PC, and finally on PS5. Each playthrough of this wild, open-world game hit different, and with this third tour, I felt a strong connection with the paths I've walked and the infrastructure I've built. Death Stranding is a brilliant open-world game that gives rise to some spectacular feelings of satisfaction and splendor. 

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