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extraordinarily branded as looking like a 'hot potato' in his court sketch from the trial.
The 40-year-old has revealed she gave the unedifying nickname to the former England striker after online commentators said she looked like 'something from Lord of the Rings' in court sketches of herself during the six-day court case.
The mother-of-five, who says she has been left with PTSD following the high-profile legal battle, has also claimed her husband Jamie was targeted by trolls who sent him death threats during the feud.
These included messages telling him to die and others warning him to 'watch out' as people were after him.
The mother-of-five has continued to speak out after the explosive libel trial brought on when Coleen Rooney accused her of leaking stories about her personal life.
Last week the judge in the trial, Mrs Justice Steyn, found Coleen had not libeled her by making the claim and tore apart Rebekah's witness testimony, saying 'significant' parts of her evidence were 'not credible'. 
Speaking in an interview with , the same paper Coleen accused her of leaking stories to, Rebekah took aim once more at the Rooneys.
An artists impression of Wayne Rooney giving evidence during the Wagatha Christie libel trial.

The former England footballer was branded as looking like a 'hot potato' by Rebekah Vardy
Rebekah Vardy made the comment after online commentators said she looked like 'something out of Lord of the Rings' in a court sketch of herself.

Pictured is an artists impression of her in the witness box during the trial
In an interview with the Sun, Rebekah also claimed her husband Jamie had been subjected to death threats as a result of the trial
Rebekah said Coleen's husband Wayne looked like a 'hot potato' in a court sketch after a commenter said she looked like 'something out of Lord of the Rings' in a depiction of herself.
She says in response she snapped: 'I'd rather look like something out of Lord of the Rings than a hot potato.'
The court sketches of Rebekah, Coleen and Wayne were among the hottest talking points during the six-day long trial, with many lampooning how little resemblance they actually bore to their subjects.
Social media commentary saw the participants of the trial likened to boxing stars, potatoes, Michael Jackson and even tapestries from the 1400s as one suggested the Rooney's looked like they should be at the Battle of Agincourt.
Wayne Rooney was described as looking like Henry VIII, boxer Tyson Fury, WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar and even a potato during the trial, in a series of unflattering comparisons.
Another compared an image of the football manager, 36, to the restoration of a Spanish fresco of Jesus, now referred to as 'Monkey Christ', by Cecilia Jimenez. 
Rebekah, who had decided to take the case to trial, was described by online commentators as looking like Michael Jackson, while Coleen was described as looking like 'Norman Bates' mother'.
Coleen Rooney was described as looking like 'Norman Bates' mother' in one of the court sketches.

Here is one of the sketches of her during the trial
Priscilla Coleman's court sketch of Coleen Rooney (left) with Rebekah (centre) and Jamie Vardy (right) at the Wagatha Christie trial
Coleen Rooney sits next to her husband Wayne Rooney on May 12 in this court sketch by Priscilla Coleman. Some commenters compared Wayne to WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar in this sketch
A sketch by court artist Priscilla Coleman of Rebekah Vardy as she gave evidence on May 12 after taking to the witness box
An artist's impression by Priscilla Coleman of Rebekah Vardy in the witness box on May 11 with Coleen and Wayne Rooney looking on
This court sketch of Rebekah Vardy crying while on the stand.

Twitter users poked fun at the court sketches during the libel trial
An artists impression of Coleen Rooney giving evidence while on the stand at the Royal Courts of Justice in May.

Some online commentators joked the mother-of-four should sue the court artist over the sketchings
A court sketching of Rebekah Vardy as she listens to an FA official give evidence at her libel trial with Coleen Rooney in May this year
One person joked that this court sketch showing Rebekah Vardy, and Wayne and Coleen Rooney, had got 'Michael Jackson pretty much bang on'
The one of the three women behind the court sketches later told MailOnline that they weren't allowed to sketch in the courtroom, so had to go from memory when doing the drawings.
Priscilla Coleman added that they also had fast deadlines to hit, meaning mistakes would sometimes be made, and said the public criticism of her work did hurt.
She said: 'You can't work properly because it makes you think your work will be attacked.

It slows you down, it gets you out of the workflow. It makes it difficult.
'You just really have to put it out of your mind. You can talk to people about it but there's people who don't want to discuss it or give interviews about it.
'Everyone has good and bad days.
Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw.'
Commenters on Twitter have likened one portrait of the Rooneys to art styles from the 1400s, including tapestries of the Battle of Agincourt between England and France
Others focused on the portrayal of Wayne Rooney, with one likening his image to American professional wrestler, Brock Lesnar
Another compared an image of the football manager to the restoration of a Spanish fresco of Jesus, now referred to as 'Monkey Christ', by Cecilia Jimenez
Another cruelly suggested that a depiction of Coleen Rooney actually looked like 'Norman Bates' mother' from the legendary 1960 film Psycho
In the interview with the Sun, Rebekah also defended her husband, Leicester City footballer Jamie, who she described as her 'rock' and hit out at Wayne for his evidence in the witness box. 
When called into the trial, the then-Derby County manager had claimed he talked to Jamie during the 2016 Euros on behalf of England manager Roy Hodgson. 
He told the court he had spoken to his England teammate to 'calm down' Rebekah, after complaints she was 'causing problems and distractions' for the team during the tournament.
After this Jamie, who did not give evidence in court, made a statement outside the High Court accusing Wayne of talking 'nonsense' and said that conversation had never taken place.
Rebekah, pictured here with Jamie outside the High Court in May, said her husband had been her 'rock' before, during and after the six-day court case
Mrs Vardy said that she withdrew from the public gaze due to the stress she felt when being abused both in the street and online
Rebekah said Wayne had 'essentially called my husband a liar' while giving evidence in the trial.

Pictured are Wayne and Coleen Rooney leaving the High Court in May
Rebekah says her husband had not testified in the trial because 'I didn't ask him to' and 'you can't give evidence unless you give a witness statement'.
She added: Menang189 'Wayne essentially called my husband a liar, so that's why he had to give a statement afterwards.'
In the interview she added that he husband had been targeted by 'trolls' who sent him death threats. 
 reports that three people have been arrested by police looking into threatening messages sent to him.
Among the messages were threats saying: 'Jamie better watch out — the cocky c*** people are after him, so beware.'

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It added another made reference to Rebekah's appearance on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! by saying: 'You should've gone to the jungle and died of a snake bite instead.'
She told the paper her husband had been 'resilient' but hit out at people for abusing her family during the course of the feud. 
'It doesn't matter what people's opinions are about me, they shouldn't be attacking my husband or children,' she said.
'I draw the line when you subject them to vicious, disgusting hatred, and abuse my husband.
'This has nothing to do with him.

It was these threats that got my attention and it is hurtful.'
The post that accused Rebekah Vardy's social media account of leaking stories.

It sparked a £3million legal battle that Mrs Rooney has won after the judge agreed it was 'substantially true' and therefore not libellous
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