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September 2019
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In Memoriam
Dr. Marshall R Cleland
1926 - 2019
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CIRMS Conference April 8-10, 2019

CIRMS 2019 Conference Agenda- Information coming soon.

Subject: Strengthening the Economy and Homeland Security with Radiation Measurements and Standards
  • April 8 Agenda
  • April 9 Agenda
  • April 10 Agenda
  • Agenda for Afternoon Breakout Sessions
  • Full Program with Abstracts
Registration/ Breakfast on your own
8:30 am
President's Welcome
Dr. Regina Fulkerson, President, CIRMS
9:00 am
Welcome to NIST
Dr. James Adams,Chief, Radiation Physics Division, Physical Measurement Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology, MD
Introduction to NEEDS REPORT
Dr. Walter E. Voit
University of Texas at Dallas
9:15 am
Keynote Address
Dr. R. Joel England, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Making a Particle Accelerator on a Chip: Recent Advances and Potential Applications
About the Presentation & Speaker:
9:30 am
10:00 am
Lighting Talks by Poster PresentersR
10:10 am
Coffee Break and Poster viewing
10:30 am
CIRMS Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations
11:15 am
CIRMS Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations:
11:15 am
Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations
– sponsored by Landauer
Emily J. King – University of Wisconsin – Madison, Medical Radiation Research Center
Design of a medium-energy free-air ionization chamber
11:15 am
Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations
-sponsored byHopewell Designs, Inc.
Irwin Tendler – Dartmouth College, Thayer School of Engineering
Scintillator –based optical Imaging for use in remote surface dosimetry
11:25 am
Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations
- sponsored by IBA Industrial, Inc.
Xiaoya (Judy) Wang – McGill University, Medical Physics
Quantifying differences between theoretical models in calculations of Compton mass energy-transfer coefficients
11:35 am
Junior Investigator Award Program Presentations
- sponsored by Sterigenics
Alexandra Bourgouin – Carleton University, Medical Physics
Determination of Wair in high-energy clinical electron beams using aluminium detectors
11:45 am
Poster Viewing
11:55 am
Lunch from 12:15-1:30 pm
12:15 pm
1:45 pm
Coffee Break from 3:15-3:35 pm
3:15 pm
5:15 pm
8:30 am
President's Welcome
Dr. Regina Fulkerson, President, CIRMS
9:00 am
Plenary Session I
Dr. Bert Coursey, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Remembering Randy Caswell
Randall S. Caswell Award for Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards presented to:
Dr. Roberto Uribe, Kent State UniversityAbout the Presentation & Speaker:
9:15 am
Plenary Session II
Kip Kelley, Mirion Technologies
Radiation Mapping for Emergency Situations using Unmanned Vehicles – from Slight Contamination to Nuclear Disaster
About the Presentation & Speaker:
9:45 am
Coffee Break/Poster Viewing
10:15 am
Plenary Session III
Dr. Niek Schreuder, Provision Solutions, LLC
The Economics of Particle Therapy
About the Presentation & Speaker:
10:30 am
Plenary Session IV
Dr. Antonio Damato, Memorial Sloan Kettering
Recoil-Based Short-Lived Alpha Emitting Devices: A Novel Brachytherapy Concept
About the Presentation & Speaker:
11:00 am
CIRMS Photo-
Meeting Group Photo for all attendees to the Conference. Don’t miss it!
Location: Right outside of the glass doors that exit the building (door steps next to the Red Auditorium)
11:30 am
Lunch from 12:00 pm- 1:30 pm
12:00 pm
coffee break
3:15 pm
Adjourn Day 2
5:15 pm
Bus from hotel to the restaurant
6:15 pm
Coastal Flats
Address: 135 Crown Park Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 869-8800
(Approximately 2 miles from NIST)
6:45 pm
8:30 am
Welcome Back
Dr. Regina Fulkerson, President, CIRMS
9:00 am
Plenary Panelists
Panel Topic: Radiobiology and Blood Irradiators: Transitioning from Cs-137 to X-rays
Session Abstract
  • Dan Aitkenhead, Best Theratronics Ltd
    Challenges of both Gamma and X-ray Blood Irradiators
  • Keith A. Kunugi, University of Wisconsin
    Considerations for Replacing Isotope-based Irradiators with X-Irradiators at the UW-Madison
  • Dr. Kei Iwamoto, University of California Los Angeles
    Gamma-irradiators, X-irradiators, and Radiobiology
9:15 am
Panel Discussion with three panelists
10:00 am
Coffee Break
10:15 am
Capstone Speaker
Dr. Jeffrey Chapman, Department of Energy
Radiation Protection in the 21st Century – a Look at the Turning Points in the Practice of Radiation Protection to Envision the Future

About the Presentation & Speaker:
10:30 am
Report on Needs in Ionizing Radiation
Dr. Walter E. Voit, University of Texas at Dallas
Group leaders
Dr. Walter E. Voit, University of Texas at Dallas Current/Future Work
11:00 am
Closing Address/New Officers
Dr. Regina Fulkerson, President, CIRMS
12:15 pm
12:30 pm
ExComm Meeting
1:30 pm
Adjourn ExComm
3:00 pm